World Traditional Taekwondo Federation

welcome  to the World Traditional Taekwondo Federation

World Traditional Taekwondo Federation (WTTF)  is a combines elements of (world Taekwondo) and (International Taekwondo).  New method for the new generation ,For Traditional Sports And Games. World Traditional Taekwondo Federation has recognition by the Traditional Olympic Games Committee International  and The Association For traditional  Youth Games and Sports International 2008 .
What do  we mean by “traditional”? Traditional  Taekwondo focuses not only on learning spectacular kicking and hand techniques, but on instilling students with traditional values like respect, self-discipline, and confidence which carry far beyond the Django (TKD school) and into many other areas of life.

Under the leadership  of Grand Master
Jeong Gustavo Argentina  9 Dan Black Belt 
and  Honorary Life Time President  WTTF.

Tariq Javed Ali Is a Chief Executive  and Secretary General WTTF
Tariq Javed Ali Has  8 Dan Black Belt  In Two Styles.
1. Taekwondo  (Korean  Martial Art)
2. Sqay  ( Kashmiri  Martial Art)
3. Founder/President International Nunchaku Federation ( INF)

Thank you for visiting our website and congratulations on taking the first step in becoming a member of our Traditional  Taekwondo family.